Who patented the Corona Virus?

Eventually the truth comes out… And sometimes, even when the truth is directly in your path it’s hard to see. That’s because decent people don’t conjure dastardly thoughts.



Election Audits

Arizona is in gear and gaining traction. They found a lot of dead people who didn’t fill out the forms properly, and they didn’t fold the ballot and place it in the envelope correctly either. They have to train their dead people a little better… Not to mention all those underage and out-of-state voters.

Defund Congress

All this defund the police talk has not been properly explained. For the most part it hasn’t been thought through either. Think about this: A rapist or robber is shot and killed during the process of a crime… Right there on the spot! No fair trial. No appeals. No prison time. No parole. No arrest record. Just dead! And don’t get me started on the cost of replacement ammo.

Critical Race Theory

First things first! Do I see the word THEORY in its title? So it’s just a theory, which may or may not be critical? Its crucialness is dependent upon whom is making the claim. That’s convenient. It reminds me of a group of people claiming their race is the superior one. Who chose it? The same people who claim they are the superior group.

President Trump

Everyone hates him until he’s needed. Same as a redneck. No one likes them until you need your car fixed. When others claim Trump is destroying our democracy why not ask, “Which democracy are you referring to? The one where the individual is in control or the one where the government is in charge?

The frog knows everything. Now that you’ve seen the photos, avoid the turtles. Sound makes the pictures look better.


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