March 1, 2021

You Bet Your Life


He is most remembered as the announcer and good-natured sidekick for  Groucho Marx ‘s comedy/quiz show vehicle  You Bet Your Life , which began in 1947 on  radio  and moved to  television in 1950, where it remained on  NBC  for 11 years. Fenneman’s mellifluous voice, clean-cut good looks, and gentlemanly manner provided the ideal foil for Marx’s zany antics and bawdy ad libs.

Who was Jack Laesen?

Larson found the role of cub reporter Jimmy Olsen on The Adventures of Superman to be a handicap, because he became typecast as a naive young man. This caused him to do little acting after the show ended in 1958, and he turned to writing and production, with an output that included plays, a  libretto , texts for classical music, and movies such as  The Baby Maker. In later years his attitude towards the Jimmy Olsen role warmed, as he focused more on the love people had for the character. 

Cub Reporter: Daily Planet

Larson was always willing to sit for interviews about the Superman series and his connection to it, and began having a number of cameos that paid subtle tribute to his character and the series, including a 1991 episode of the TV series  Superboy, alongside  Noel Neill, who played  Lois Lane  in  Adventures of Superman, and an episode of  Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as an aged Jimmy Olsen in the episode “Brutal Youth”, first broadcast on October 20, 1996.

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